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Turkey is the second country in the world in terms of number of hospitals. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for treatment because of the amount of patient per a doctor is quite few. This rate also plays a significant role in development of new medical techniques every year and in delivering a quality health services for you.

People who want to be treated in Turkey prefer health tourism agencies to get trusted and high quality health services.

Health Services Turkey Team, is a health tourism agency that provides the treatment at the most advanced health centers to the patients who prefer Turkey for medical tourism.

Our company that undertakes treatment organizations of hundreds of people each year in the field of health tourism, becomes a partner with patients in the process of treatment and improves its services with the Ministry of health and tourism's supports and instructions day by day.


We Carry out your Transportation to Turkey


We provide your accommodation in Turkey’s unique hotels


We provide the treatment you need in quality health facilities accompanied by our specialist doctors.

Yedisu Health

About Service

Health Services Team, is a health tourism agency that provides the treatment at the most advanced health centers to the patients who prefer Turkey for medical tourism.The team works with the most professional and experienced pyhsicians in the country.

Health Services Turkey Team selects expert and advanced physicians according to your complaints and expectations to provide the best and most accurate service at most eligible cost for you. They have an pre-interview with the physician you preferred and create your treatment plan.

Health Services Team prepares the treatment plan with special prices and delivers it to you. They provide all the convenience and comfort throughout your treatment as necessary to make you feel like in your own country.

Your reports and state of health is delivered to our the most advanced physicians in their field of area from the time that you have contacted us and your treatment is created according to the physician's directives.

The process works as follows;

Medical Reports are Reviewed
Shared with Relevant Doctors
Travel Procedures are Started in Line With Your Decision.
Hospital, Doctor and Accommodation are organized
The Treatment Process Begins


Producing quick and professional solutions to patients’ all organisations before and after treatment
Giving quality health services to the whole humanity
Becoming pioneer in being preferred health centers with high technology devices
Respond patients’ necessities sufficiently during their treatment process
Providing a process which is comfortable and compatible with patients’ rights to the patients during treatment
Taking precautions for potential problems of patients
Leading patients to reach their countries in safety


Achieving the condition of the most active tourism agency to reach Turkey’s health tourism goals of 2023
Becoming among the numbered agencies which undertake the promotion of health tourism of Turkey in internet environment
Becoming a reference company in health tourism, combining the strength taken from A+ hospitals with ethical stance and Turkish hospitality

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