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Treatment in Turkey

Yedisu Health

Turkey is the sixth country in terms of attracting tourist with 39 million visitors per year. Turkey has important attacks on tourism and improves its tourism quality and capacity with each passing year. It also has an international reputation in the field of hotel management. Turkey is preferred by millions of tourists each year because of its hospitable, friendly, quality services and world class facilities. It is a new favourite of health tourism along with tourism with local and intenational investments on hotel management and health.

Yedisu Health

About Service

Health Services Team, is a health tourism agency that provides the treatment at the most advanced health centers to the patients who prefer Turkey for medical tourism.The team works with the most professional and experienced pyhsicians in the country.

Health Services Turkey Team selects expert and advanced physicians according to your complaints and expectations to provide the best and most accurate service at most eligible cost for you. They have an pre-interview with the physician you preferred and create your treatment plan.

Health Services Team prepares the treatment plan with special prices and delivers it to you. They provide all the convenience and comfort throughout your treatment as necessary to make you feel like in your own country.

Your reports and state of health is delivered to our the most advanced physicians in their field of area from the time that you have contacted us and your treatment is created according to the physician's directives.

The process works as follows;

Medical Reports are Reviewed
Shared with Relevant Doctors
Travel Procedures are Started in Line With Your Decision.
Hospital, Doctor and Accommodation are organized
The Treatment Process Begins


Our Main Services

Hair Transplant

New methods are applied by specialist doctors and clinics in Turkey. The newest technique is known as the Fue Technique.

IVF Treatment

Your application will be examined and your treatment process will be planned by our physicians who are experts in IVF treatment.


We are with you in nose operations with our specialist Doctors

Orthodontics Treatment

You can contact us for oral health, dental implant etc. procedures.

General Surgery

No matter where you are in the world, all you have to do for treatment in Turkey is to contact us.


Your Orthopedic Complaints will be examined by our specialist doctors and you will be informed in detail about your treatment as soon as possible.


Urinary tube, bladder (urinary bladder), prostate, urethra, kidney, testis and penile diseases are within the scope of urology service. We organize your treatments in Turkey.

Plastic surgery

It is enough to contact us. The best treatment method to be applied to you can be determined by our expert plastic surgeons as soon as possible.

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